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Meet Alaina DeRosa who will guide you through your walking/swimming cenote/cave tour.  She was born and raised in the state of Quintana Roo and has been actively learning from the locals ever since. Her first words as a baby were Mayan, believe it or not!

Alaina will happily explain the ancient Mayan rituals and customs, from the tree of life to the ceremonies of the youth moving forward to adulthood. She will also speak about the history of our famous underground rivers, the caves, why they formed and what they represent. 

Come and take a tour and you will forever remember this informative and exciting fun day.




Meet Nancy DeRosa, one of the longest residents in the Riviera Maya, arriving to Mexico 35 years ago.  Nancy is a pioneer in cave exploration and a leader in ecology.  She will be your guide to the thrilling Sian Ka’an boat tour, where the sky is born.  The tour will start with history of Muyil Ruins, the flora and fauna, and will leave you in a most happy state on your half day or full day boat tour. 

Come and take a tour and you will reminisce with a smile.

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