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Temazcal Sweat Bath




Temazcals were the ancient Mayan sweat lodges used for healing the sick, improving health, and cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. Similar to a cave or womb, these Mayan saunas would also embrace the most important ceremony for the youth who, when ready, would transition from child to adulthood, a symbolic passage of each and every ancient Mayan youth.

What Happens in the Temazcal


In the traditional temazcal, hot river rocks are heated on a fire outside the structure and are brought in when they are red hot and placed in the center of the lodge. People will be seated on the ground around the temazcal.  The shaman will toss sacred water on the rocks which will become vapor for your cleansing.

A new batch of hot rocks arrives, 4 times during this experience.

Upon exiting, participants walk down a candle lite path to a lovely enchanting cenote dotted with floating water lilies.  In this cenote, you will bath in its energy below the moon and stars.  

$99.00 usd per person


  • towels

  • fruit

  • water

  • translator 

  • guide

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